Baniei House (Casa Baniei)

Address: Romania, Craiova, 16 Matei Basarab Street

GPS: GPS 44.314517, 23.792266

Wire. Contact: +40351444030
E-mail: etnografie_sectie@muzeulolteniei.ro
Website: https://muzeulolteniei.ro/category/etnografie/
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday – organized groups on schedule
Day off: Monday

We offer the next point of our route to be the architectural monument of national interest - Baniei House (Casa Baniei). The house is the oldest civil building in Craiova, restored in 1699 by the Wallachian ruler Constantin Brâncoveanu on the site of former Bolyar houses. Over the years the building has undergone many reconstructions and in it functioned the court of Craiova, some schools, the priesthood seminary, the department of the state archives. After restoration activities in 1934, the building was provided to the Oltenia Regional Museum and was its headquarters until 1948.

Since 1967 in Baniei House there is a permanent exposition of the Ethnography Department at the Oltenia Museum. In the ethnographic museum visitors can get acquainted with exhibitions such as "Making bread" and "The Rhythm of Life", including ceramics from Olt, wedding traditions, religious objects, icons, carpets, rugs, as well as an exhibition of dolls. Workshops for children can be arranged at the museum.