Theatre for Children and Youth "Kolibri"

Address: Romania, Craiova, Calea Bucuresti 56

GPS: GPS 44.315116, 23.821568

Wire. contact: +40 251 416 323
craiovacolibri@yahoo.com, colibricolibri2012@yahoo.ro
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Opening hours:
According to the programme of performances for the respective month

Theatre for Children and Youth "Kolibri" (*Hummingbird) is our last offer from the extended "Art and Culture" Route. The theatre was founded in 1949 as a puppet section of the National Theatre "Marin Sorescu" and became an independent institution in 1956.

Currently, the theatre has a performance room, a multifunctional hall, spaces for creative workshops and exhibitions, production workshops and offices. Theatre "Kolibri” has a repertoire of 20 permanent performances, organizes street performances, festivals such as "The Dolls Take over the Street", workshops and other cultural activities such as Puppet Therapy, Puppet Marathon, etc. The theatre participates in the most important theatrical festivals in the country, as well as international ones in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We hope you have enjoyed the rich collections in our selection of museums and galleries, theatrical and musical performances at the site, part of the "Art and Culture" route.

To return to our starting point, town Veliko Tarnovo, we offer you to sail on the Danube by ferry at Turnu Magurele-Nikopol.