Exhibition "The World" by Lyuben Zidarov

Art Gallery Boris Denev welcomed its guests on the official holiday of the town of Veliko Tarnovo, March 22, 2023 with a newly established exhibition hall, an organized exhibition by Lyuben Zidarov and a new virtual tour.

 Hall "19" is the new formed art space that the gallery opened, the purpose of which hopefully is to present both iconic works from the gallery’s permanent collection and new authors not yet presented in its collection.

The first significant exhibition, which took place in the chamber space of the gallery, presented the artist Lyuben Zidarov with works from the gallery's collection, including: the self-portrait "The White Chair", part of the illustrations for "Treasure Island", several Parisian watercolors, illustrations for the booklet for Kolyu Ficheto and others.

The event completed with the presentation of a long - awaited and foreseen product from the gallery, namely - a virtual tour to the exhibition "Return to Veliko Tarnovo", financed under the "PROGRAM FOR RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF STATE, REGIONAL AND CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS" of the "Culture" Fund.

6. Изложба Светът Любен Зидаров