Joint integrated thematic route

The main objective of the project is to assess and improve the sustainable economic use of the existing potential of cultural values and resources of the common cultural heritage in the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region by developing an integrated tourism product based on the promotion of a new joint thematic route "Art and Culture", contributing to supporting the sustainable development of tourism. The project aims at creating and promoting a common thematic route from sites of classical and contemporary culture and art in the urban environment in the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region, through measures to improve the state of cultural and historical attractions on the territory of the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and the municipality of Calafat. The activities envisaged in the project contribute to the achievement of the following specific objectives: promoting the development of tourism in the region; improving cultural infrastructure; diversification of tourism products and services in the region. For the successful implementation of the project is necessary to prepare a Marketing Strategy for the realization of an integrated tourist product, including a joint thematic route "Art and Culture", which will serve to promote the new integrated tourist services provided at regional and international level.
The target region under consideration covers three regions in Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven and Vidin, and 1 county in Romania – Dolj.
The joint integrated thematic route "Art and Culture", which includes 6 cultural sites - 4 in Bulgaria and 2 in Romania (located in the target region), as follows:
- Regional Art Gallery "Boris Denev" (Veliko Tarnovo),
- Marincu Palace (Calafat),
- Drama Theatre "Vida" (Vidin);
- Art Gallery "Nikola Petrov" (Vidin),
- Art Gallery Donation "Kolektsiya Svetlin Rusev" (Pleven);
- The Art Museum – the Jean Mihail Palace (Craiova)

The tourist route is a set of tangible and intangible elements with a specific thematic focus, bound in territorial unity and bringing together resources and attractions, conditions and infrastructure, services, activities and values that bring benefits and are attractive to certain groups of users in satisfying their motivations and expectations regarding their leisure time.
The tourist routes presented below provide proposals for practicing cultural tourism. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) gives the following definition: "Cultural tourism is a type of tourism activity in which the visitor’s essential motivation is to learn, discover, experience and consume the tangible and intangible cultural attractions/products in a tourism destination. These attractions/products relate to a set of distinctive material, intellectual, spiritual and emotional features of a society that encompasses arts and architecture, historical and cultural heritage, culinary heritage, literature, music, creative industries and the living cultures with their lifestyles, value systems, beliefs and traditions".

Joint integrated tourist route "Art and Culture"


Brief information about the route

Length of the tourist route: 706 km

Recommended duration: minimum 4-5 days

Travel sequence option:

Starting point: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Intermediate points along the route: Pleven, Bulgaria; Vidin, Bulgaria; Calafat, Romania; Craiova, Romania; Turnu Magurele, Romania - Nikopol, Bulgaria (transport intermediate point - ferry) *

⦁ End point: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


Each point (city) of the route can be selected as a starting point according to the needs of the user.

Tourist sites included: Regional Art Gallery "Boris Denev" (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria), Art Gallery Donation "Kolektsiya Svetlin Rusev" (Pleven, Bulgaria), Art Gallery "Nikola Petrov" (Vidin, Bulgaria), Drama Theatre "Vida" (Vidin, Bulgaria), Marincu Palace (Calafat, Romania) and The Art Museum – the Jean Mihail Palace (Craiova, Romania)

Seasonal availability: Year-round

The most convenient option for transport: by car

Accommodation: recommended overnight stay in the regional cities in Bulgaria and the town of Craiova in Romania, as they offer many accommodation options - hotels, guest houses and more.

In order to avoid advertising of private sites, specific accommodation will not be recommended.


* Note: In the present proposal for the route "Art and Culture" a point has been chosen for crossing from Romania to Bulgaria the town of Turnu Magurele, Romania - the town of Nikopol, Bulgaria for returning to the starting point the town of Veliko Tarnovo. In connection with the constantly changing transport possibilities in 2020, related to the closure of border checkpoints as a measure to limit the spread of COVID-19, we provide information on other possibilities:

- New Europe Bridge (known as Danube Bridge 2) near Calafat, Romania and Vidin, Bulgaria,

- Ferry between Beckett, Romania and Oryahovo, Bulgaria,

- Danube Bridge near Giurgiu, Romania and Ruse, Bulgaria.


With regard to the spread of COVID-19, please note that the working hours of the sites may change.

Joint integrated tourist route "Art and Culture"


We invite you on an exciting journey in search of art and culture on both sides of the Danube river. We will take you to extremely beautiful buildings, palaces from the past with interesting stories, hiding rich collections of works by local and foreign artists, we will immerse ourselves in the world of theatrical art. Get ready for a tour of the regions of Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven and Vidin in Bulgaria and Dolj County in Romania.


More information about the sites:

1. Regional Art Gallery "Boris Denev"
2. Art Gallery Donation "Kolektsiya Svetlin Rusev"
3. Art Gallery "Nikola Petrov"
4. Drama Theatre "Vida"
5. Тhe Marincu Palace (Art and Ethnography Museum)
6. Art Museum (The Palace of Jean Mihail)